Tango Operations?

Tango Operations is a brand of Jet Services OÜ, providing flight support and ground handling and headquartered in Tallinn with partner branches in Larnaca, Kiev and Istanbul. The Team has been established back in 2015, been extending the scope of services by customers’ demand and been growing in a gradual healthy manner till today.

Our origin lies in two businesses, the aircraft charters and the aircraft operations. This has always been putting our focus on quality, not quantity, as we know very well what it needs to make operations safe and successful as well as the customer happy. We are considered as a boutique flight support company with a manageable number of customers to which we provide high quality and sophisticated services.

Our certified Teams are responsible for all planning and logistics to make your flights happen. You just need to inform us about a desired schedule and we will take care about all of your needs.

Our Partners